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Electrical Safety Awareness Survey

Beginning January 10th, InnPower is conducting an online and telephone Electrical Safety Awareness Survey. The survey will only take a few minutes of your time to complete and will test your knowledge on safety topics related to powerlines, power equipment, and other electrical safety hazards. Respondents will not be asked for identifying details such as phone numbers, addresses, credit card and banking information.  

Online Survey/Quiz

The Electrical Safety Awareness Survey is available online in a fun and interactive format to residents (18+ years old) within InnPower's service territory. The online survey can also be used as a great way to educate your family on electrical safety! 

Complete the Online Survey/Quiz Here

Phone Survey

The phone survey will be conducted by UtilityPULSE, a Canadian company specializing in polls and surveys for the electricity sector, on behalf of InnPower.

Randomly selected residents within InnPower’s service territory will be contacted by phone. We encourage you to participate in the survey if you receive a phone call from UtilityPULSE. The telephone number that will be displayed is (705) 996-4680. UtilityPULSE agents will request to speak with someone 18+ years of age. They will introduce themselves with their name, state they are from UtilityPULSE.

Purpose of the Survey

While this survey is a requirement of InnPower Corporation’s obligations to the Ontario Energy Board as a licensed Electricity Distributor in Ontario, that is not the only reason the survey is conducted. The results of this survey will help us understand our customers awareness of electrical safety and will then be used to shape InnPower's efforts in educating the public and keeping our community safe from potential electrical hazards.

Electricity is everywhere and we depend on it for just about everything in our lives, but it is easy to forget just how dangerous electricity can be. Thank you for taking the time to help us serve you better and keep our customers safe!

If you have any questions, please contact InnPower's Customer Service by phone at (705) 431-4321 or email at