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8.7 ¢/KWh Off-Peak
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Construction and Development

Information regarding projects planned to maintain and improve the infrastructure within our electricity system.

Economic Evaluations

For construction of new facilities or expansion of existing facilities for distribution systems

If you are planning on building a Subdivision, the process of connecting to the Local Distribution Infrastructure will require coordination with InnPower. Contact with InnPower should occur in conjunction with your initial submission to the Municipality. As part of the connection process, an Economic Evaluation is conducted by InnPower for all expansion projects.

To download a copy of the InnPower Economic Evaluation Process, please click link below:

InnPower Economic Evaluation

To download a copy of the InnPower Offer To Connect Agreement, please follow link below:

InnPower Offer To Connect

For any inquiries, please contact Glen McAllister, CFO/Treasurer at (705) 431-4321 ext. 236