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Construction and Development

Information regarding projects planned to maintain and improve the infrastructure within our electricity system.

Construction Development Projects

Distribution Reliability Projects

Ongoing projects are budgeted year over year to address the need to remove and replace rotten and damaged infrastructure, as well as substandard or defective devices that may pose a danger to ensure the continued safety of the public and our workers.

These projects include:

  • Substandard Infrastructure Improvements: Updates legacy and substandard construction within the distribution system.
  • Pole Replacement Program: Replaces aged and failing poles that have been tested or deemed in need of replacement.
  • Infrastructure Replacements and Betterments Program: Assists with the replacement of aged or defective devices.
  • Underground Padmounted Transformer and Switchgear Replacements and Painting Program: Helps repair and renew gears and transformers adversely affected by weather conditions and salt contamination. 
  • Line Recloser Refurbishments: Capital has been budgeted over the next few years to rebuild and renew these sectionalizing devices ensuring correct operation every time.

InnPower Development

The following link provides a map of the major development projects planned within InnPower's service territory.

InnPower Development

Current Projects

A list of current projects can be found below. 

New Pole Line - Big Bay Point Road

Big Bay Point Rd (The Queensway to 20th Sideroad): All poles within these limits will be replaced to accommodate a road widening and a new circuit.

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Pole Line Rebuild - Mapleview Dr E

InnPower is rebuilding a pole line on Mapleview Drive East from Cove Ave to the water, allowing InnPower to provide greater reliability to our customers.

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Pole Line Rebuild - 7th Line

InnPower is rebuilding a pole line on the 7th Line between Yonge Street and 10th Sideroad.

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Pole Line Rebuild - Lockhart Road (20th Sideroad to Yonge Street)

All poles within these limits will be replaced to accommodate two new circuits and replace poles that are at end of life.

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25th Sideroad (A) Pole Line Upgrade

InnPower will be upgrading the existing distribution lines along 25 th Sideroad from Mapleview Drive to Big Bay Point Road.

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25th Sideroad (B) Pole Line Upgrade

InnPower is upgrading the existing pole line along 25th Sideroad to add an additional circuit from the new Big Bay Point substation.

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Annual Pole Replacement Program

InnPower's Pole Replacements within Innisfil and South Barrie.

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County Relocates

As part of its transportation engineering plan, the County of Simcoe is widening Innisfil Beach Road (IBR)

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Hewitt and Salem Lands Development

Starting in 2018 InnPower will be designing and constructing infrastructure to support load growth in the Hewitt and Salem Lands.

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