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Construction and Development

Information regarding projects planned to maintain and improve the infrastructure within our electricity system.

InnPower Master Plan

InnPower's Overall Distribution System Plan (Revised April 29, 2021)

Barrie TS and the E3B/E4B transmission line is under construction to upgrade the voltage of these facilities from 115kV to 230kV, and to upgrade the transformers at Barrie TS from 55/92MVA units to 75/125MVA units, and to retire the two 230/115kV auto transformers at Essa TS (T1 and T2). The energization date is planned for 2022.

    The Working Group for the Barrie/Innisfil sub-region is continuing to work on the development medium and long-term plans for the sub-region. These include:

    • Constructing a new TS (InnPower TS); at Environmental Assessment stage
    • Constructing a new 230kV transmission line from Barrie TS to the InnPower TS site; at Environmental Assessment stage
    • Implementing a Distribution Network egressing from InnPower TS; and
    • Proposing a 44kV solution for the load growth in South Barrie.

    The Working Group has identified South Barrie as a key load growth point. This area is serviced by both InnPower and Alectra. In the near term, double run 44kV feeders have been committed from the upgraded Barrie TS. The near-term solution would address the infrastructure requirements within the current Distribution System Plan (DSP) period; however, as the medium- and long-term plans consider the construction of new TS, Distribution Network, and transmission lines within InnPower’s service territory, the outcome of these plans would potentially play a major role in the DSP submitted by InnPower in the future.


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