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Frequently Asked Questions

I am moving to InnPower's service territory. How do I create an account?
I am moving from my current address. What information does InnPower require?
I am building a new home. How do I apply for service with InnPower?
I am planning a project that requires digging and need the underground wires located. How can I do this?
How can I conserve energy and save money?
My account is in arrears and I have received a disconnection notice. A member of my household uses a medical device that requires power. What can I do?
I cannot pay my bill by the requested due date. Can I have an extension?
My bill is too high. Could you tell me where I could possibly use this much power?
Retailer has come to the door – trying to sell low rates. What are the rates with InnPower and how do they compare with the rate that the retailer is offering?
Retailers approach to sign up for their contracts and insist that if we don’t take their contract we will end up with no hydro supply since they are the only providers. Is this true?
Under the equal payment plan, what happens to the credit on my bill, do I need to make a payment this month and when will the first payment come out?
What happened to the former "Ontario Hydro"?
What is Stray Voltage or Farm Stray Voltage?
Why did the electricity industry change?
Why is there usage displaying in intervals where I know the power was out?

Offices closed Monday, May 20, 2024

Offices will be closed on Monday in observation of Victoria Day.