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Information regarding projects planned to maintain and improve the infrastructure within our electricity system.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are becoming increasingly popular among individuals and businesses. This includes items such as solar panels, wind turbines, EV chargers, battery storage systems, and more. InnPower Corporation connects Distributed Energy Resources to Ontario’s electricity grid. This process is broken into 8 main steps.

Connection Process: Small, Mid-sized and Large Embedded Generators
Step 1: Preliminary Consultation

The first step is for the Customer to submit a completed Preliminary Consultation Information Request (PCIR) form, which gathers basic information about the proposed project. After receiving a completed PCIR, InnPower will provide a Preliminary Consultation Report (PCR). The PCR identifies the feasibility of a connection based on the information provided in the PCIR and the distributor’s knowledge of available capacity at the proposed point of connection.

Preliminary Consultation Information Request (PCIR) Form

Step 2: Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) Application

If the PCR identifies that there may be connection capacity, the next step is to complete and submit a Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) Application.

Payment must be submitted alongside the CIA Application.

Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) Application

Step 3: Connection Impact Assessment (CIA)

In response to a successful CIA application (where the connection is deemed possible), InnPower will conduct a Connection Impact Assessment* and prepare a study providing the applicant with

  • an assessment of the steady state and transient reliability and stability impacts of the project at a specific location on the distribution system
  • the technical requirements for connection to the system
  • an estimate of the cost to facilitate the connection

InnPower will reserve capacity on its own system for 180 days; pending a decision by the applicant on moving forward.

*Depending on the size of the project an additional CIA may be required by Hydro One, and/or a System Impact Assessment by the IESO may be necessary to assess upstream system impacts.

Step 4: Connection Cost Agreement

As noted in step 3, the CIA will include an estimate of the anticipated connection costs. Upon receipt of the CIA, an applicant for a mid-sized or large generation facility has the option to request a detailed cost estimate from the distributor prior to entering into a Connection Cost Agreement. To obtain a detailed cost estimate, the applicant must make a written request.

We will provide you with a Connection Cost Agreement specifying the scope of work to be performed either by you, your contractors or InnPower, to make the generation connection. If you decide to proceed with the project, you must sign the Connection Cost Agreement and make the required payments.

Step 5: Design and Build

After the Cost Connect Agreement is signed and payment is made, construction drawings must be finalized. InnPower will perform the work required to make the connection. You or your contractor must complete the construction of the generation facility and then apply to the Electrical Safety Authority for an electrical inspection. You must submit final detailed design documents to InnPower for review.

Step 6: Commissioning

The Applicant is required to complete and submit a Commissioning Plan to the distributor.

Step 7: Connection Agreement

You will need to complete and submit the Connection Agreement prior to energization. A Connection Agreement between a distributor and a generator contains specific terms and conditions relating to connection and access to the distributor’s distribution system.

Connection Agreement

Step 8: Connect and Energize

After the Electrical Safety Authority provides the electrical inspection “Connection Authorization” directly to InnPower, the generation facility will be connected to InnPower Corporation’s distribution system.

More Information

For more information on the requirements for connection of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) by licensed electricity distributors, please visit Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Connections Review | Ontario Energy Board (

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