Are you planning to move? Do you need hydro services set up at your new address? Check InnPower off of your to-do list and fill out one of our service applications. Don’t forget to let us know when you move out so that we do not continue to bill you for usage after your moving date.

Avoid Disconnection Between Occupants

Please be aware that if an incoming customer does not complete a service application and request hydro at their new service address by the closing date/effective date of your lease, the service will be disconnected until an application is received.

In addition to the inconvenience of having service disconnected, the incoming customer will be responsible for the associated reconnection charges.

Note: if the premise has been disconnected for more than six months, the owner of the property will have to contact the Electrical Safety Authority for an inspection.

InnPower Corporation will not assume responsibility for any resulting damages to your equipment and or property during the period of disconnection/reconnection of service.

Applications for Service - Please Select the Applicable Application Below

Residential - Electric Only Accounts

Residential - Electric/Water & Wastewater Accounts

Residential - Friday Harbour Town Homes (Marina Towns, Ferretti Towns, Island Towns)

Residential - Friday Harbour Condominiums (Boardwalk, Aquarius, Harbour Flats)

Commercial - Electric Only Accounts

Commercial - Electric/Water & Wastewater Accounts

Commercial – Friday Harbour Business Accounts

Landlord and Property Managers

As a landlord or property manager, by signing a Continuous Electricity Service Agreement (CSA), you can authorize InnPower to automatically transfer responsibility for electricity service to you when a tenant moves out. This ensures no discontinuation of service. The account will bill in the owner’s name until another tenant assumes responsibility for the account.

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