A Consumer Charter that clarifies the rights of Ontario's energy consumers in a single, easily understood document for the first time, was released May 16, 2017 by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB)

The Charter, which can be found at www.oeb.ca/charter, is the first of its kind in Canada. It clearly explains the six rights consumers currently have under existing OEB rules and regulations, including the right to:

  • Safe and reliable service;
  • Accurate and timely bills;
  • Fair security deposit policies;
  • Fair disconnection and reconnection practices;
  • Fair, reasonable and timely complaint resolution processes; and
  • Personal privacy.

Following the development of the Charter, the OEB is now moving forward with a review of existing customer service rules for electricity and natural gas utilities, which include rules on disconnections, security deposits and other rights.

For more information about the OEB’s consumer protection mandate, visit www.oeb.ca/consumer-protection.

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