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Help your Children to Learn about Conservation of Energy with these Tips and Tricks!

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Ontario's Long Term Energy Plan

Achieving Balance, Ontario’s updated Long-Term Energy Plan, is the province’s blueprint for a safe, clean, reliable and affordable energy future.

Thousands of Ontarians participated in the consultation process that helped shaped the plan, released in December 2013. Today,

Achieving Balance: Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan Achieving Balance represents Ontario’s long-term vision for the province’s electricity system.

The plan balances five principles to guide decision-making:

  • cost effectiveness
  • reliability
  • clean energy
  • community engagement
  • an emphasis on conservation and demand management before building new generation

You can view the plan in its entirety by clicking here.

Ministry of Energy - emPOWERme

The Ministry of Energy's emPOWERme provides information that will help consumers to learn about Ontario’s electricity system, find out how you consume energy, ways to save energy and where your energy comes from.

Click here to learn more!

Home Energy Audits

Click here to view our Home Energy Audit tool, which can be used to estimate household consumption.

If you want a better understanding of where energy is being used within your home, you would likely be interested in the Kill-a-Watt Appliance Monitor programs available through InnPower. Click on the links for more information around each.

If you're interested in a professional Home Energy Audit, we suggest you visit Natural Resources Canada's website to help find a service organization that can provide these services. An energy audit should provide you with a complete inventory of energy consumption in the home, as well as provide recommendation for improvements, including estimated savings, costs and payback periods associated with the recommendations provided. To ensure you get the desired outcomes from your energy audit, it is important to discuss what you're looking for with the auditor prior to conducting the audit.

Energy Saving and Conservation Tips

Summer Energy Saving Tips

It might be hot and sunny outside, but the Ministry of Energy has some useful tips and suggestions to keep you cool during the summer, and make your home more energy efficient. Visit: https://www.ontario.ca/page/how-use-less-electricity-home for more details

If you have any questions you would like to discuss around energy conservation strategies, or technologies that can be utilized within your home or business, please contact our Conservation and Demand Management team at learntoconserve@innpower.ca.

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