Account Application

To apply for residential service with InnPower, please print out the application form below and mail or email a signed copy to us.

When you set up a new account or when an existing account is transferred to a new address there be an Account Set-up / Change of Occupancy Charge applied to the first bill.

Electricity $30.00 plus HST

Water $5.50 plus HST

Wastewater $5.50 plus HST

Thermal $25.00 plus HST

Gas $25.00 plus HST

You can drop off the completed forms at our office or mail them to:

InnPower Corporation
7251 Yong Street
Innisfil, Ontario
L9S 0J3

Alternatively, you can Email or Fax the completed forms to our customer service department.

Email: customerservice@innpower,ca
Fax: (705) 431-6872


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