Kill A Watt™ Appliance Monitor Lending Program

Ever wonder how much money your refrigerator is costing you to run each year and if it's time to replace it with a newer energy-efficient model?

How about the cost to keep that Xbox, DVD player and stereo system on standby 365 days a year? With electricity prices on the rise it makes financial sense to learn how to conserve.

InnPower has partnered with Innisfil Public Libraries to help you determine how much electricity is consumed by old, inefficient or power hungry appliances. Borrow the Kill A Watt™ Appliance Monitor for a simple way to monitor how much electricity your appliances are really costing you in the long-run and identify “phantom power” electronics that are costing you money when plugged in, but not in use.

Kill A Watt™ Appliance Monitors can be borrowed from these local library locations:

Churchill - 2282 4th Line
Cookstown - 20 Church Street
Lakeshore - 967 Innisfil Beach Road
Stroud - 7883 Yonge Street

For more information about this program, please contact your local library branch or email

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