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Tree Trimming

The importance of trees to the people of Innisfil & South Barrie cannot be overstated. Not only do trees benefit climatic conditions, but from the aesthetic point of view, their contribution is not to be underestimated.

However, trees around poles and power lines are major cause of power interruptions and power flickers. The animals and birds in the trees close to power lines often get electrocuted and cause power interruptions. During storms the trees cause major damage to poles and power lines and often cause power outages of prolonged durations.

Desirable as it may be, it is not always practical to locate overhead lines where the pruning of trees for line clearance can be eliminated. It is, however, the established policy of the LDC to engage skilled foresters and to follow recognized arboricultural practices in line clearing work so that the health and appearance of trees may be maintained to the highest degree that existing conditions will permit.

The purpose in performing line clearing operations is not only to render power circuits free from tree interference so that they may give uninterrupted service, but also to protect the public against avoidable hazards due to the presence of the LDC's lines.

Vegetation Management Cycles

InnPower undertakes annual vegetation management though qualified contractors. The Innisfil and South Barrie regions have been divided into four zones as indicated in the map (Fig 1) below. Every year one cycle is completed. Cycle 1 has been completed in 2019. Cycle 2 is planned to be completed in 2020.

Minimum Clearances from Hydro Lines

Clearance as a general rule shall provide for at least four (4) years' growth. All limbs whether sound or diseased that are liable by allying, swaying or by other means to contact the conductor, are removed where it is practical to do so.

In establishing clearance, the possibility of children climbing trees and contacting live conductors is borne in mind. Where adequate clearance cannot be obtained without mutilating the tree, the entire tree is cut down.

The contractors are directed to obtain clearances as outlined in the following table:

44KV Circuits3 meters4.6 meters
27.6KV Circuits3 meters4.6 meters
8.32KV Circuits2 meters4.6 meters
Secondary Circuits1 meter1.8 meters
Secondary Services1 meter1.8 meters

The following are also relevant for vegetation management:-

Note # 1 - Diseased limbs overhanging the wire are removed in all cases. Sound main tree limbs may be left within the 4.6m vertical clearance, provided that the limb in breaking and falling downward with a hinge action would not contact the conductor.

Note #2 - Private Primary services are only be trimmed on the Town's Right of Way. No services are trimmed onto private property.

Note #3 - Secondary services are trimmed for the span on Town property only. The span extending onto private property are not cleared by the hired contractor and must be cleared by the customer.

Note # 4 - Trees growing from under the line shall be trimmed so that 1.8m clearance is obtained to the LDC's lowest wire attachment on the pole.

Customer's Responsibilities

1. Trimming Trees on Private Property.

If you are electrically serviced by a private primary line then you own the line and are responsible for the expense of the line maintenance and tree trimming. Also, trimming the trees on private property around secondary lines going into the homes is the customer’s responsibility. For your safety, any trees to be trimmed near energized lines MUST be done by an approved tree contractor. If you choose to do any tree work yourself, InnPower will disconnect/reconnect the line at no charge once a year during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. If you have any questions or concerns in reference to the above information, do not hesitate to contact us at 705-431-4321 or cs@innpower.ca

2. Planting of Trees around Hydro Assets.

It has been seen that people plant trees around poles and electrical equipment such as padmounts and electrical switches and junction boxes.

Trees planted around Hydro Pole

Shrubs planted around transformer

The trees and plants planted around electrical assets are a major safety hazard for public and also block access for line crew to work on the equipment. The customers are requested not to plant trees around poles and electrical equipment.

Revenue Protection Program

In January 1998, the Corporation adopted a Revenue Protection Program to deter power diversion. Power diversion is the act of diverting power so that it does not register on the meter. By being able to detect, report, resolve and collect on power diversions, we protect our source of revenue. Revenue protection is an important process within any utility. The ability to reduce unaccounted for electricity allows the utility to hold the line on or reduce rates to the customers.

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