Time-of-Use Rates

The majority of Ontario electricity users pay Time-of-Use (TOU) rates. InnPower started charging time-of-use rates in June 1, 2011. If you currently purchase your electricity through a retailer, you will continue to follow the terms and price stated in your contract.

When we’re all using a lot of electricity at the same time, we create “peak demand”periods. Supplying electricity at those peak times has a range of impacts:

  • It adds to our electricity costs because higher demand leads to higher prices.
  • It is hard on the environment because meeting the peaks may require the building of additional electricity generation plants.
  • It adds to the amount of new generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure Ontario must build; and consumers must pay for.
  • It puts a strain on our electricity system.

Simple changes to your regular routine can help smooth those peaks and create real supply and environmental benefits. There are three TOU rate periods:

  • Off-peak - when demand for electricity is lowest. Ontario households use the majority of their electricity - nearly two thirds of it - during off-peak hours.
  • Mid-peak - when demand for electricity is moderate. These periods are during the daytime, but not the busiest times of day.
  • On-peak - when demand for electricity is highest. The busiest times of day. Generally when people are cooking, firing up their computers and running heaters or air conditioners.

The charts below shows the price you pay today for electricity at different times of the day.

For residential and small business customers that buy their electricity from their utility, the new TOU prices set by the OEB for November 1, 2019 under the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) are shown in the table below. The table also shows the hours to which those prices apply.

People use electricity differently depending on the season. The Ontario Energy Board has established two sets of peak prices. These prices only apply to weekdays. Electricity is off-peak all day on weekends and holidays throughout the year. For a list of TOU holidays please follow this link 2020 Time of Use Holidays

Take advantage of TOU rates by shifting some of your electricity use to off-peak or mid-peak times.

Your smart meter automatically records your household’s electricity consumption on an hourly basis so you can take advantage of TOU pricing. You can benefit from TOU rates by shifting some of your electricity use to off-peak or mid-peak periods when the rates are lower. Do laundry and dish-washing after 7 p.m. and on weekends to pay the lowest price.

Clothes Washing & Drying

  • Wash in cold water and hang laundry to dry


  • Always run full loads and use the air-dry setting.

Heating & Cooling

  • Avoid running your air conditioner from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays as much as possible.
  • Use a portable fan in conjunction with your air conditioner and set the thermostat to 26-28°C (78-82°F).

Around the House

  • Unplug battery chargers as soon as devices are fully charged or when the charger is not being used. Avoid charging batteries during peak periods.
  • Plug large-screen TVs, DVD players, game consoles and computer equipment into a power bar. Turn the power bar off when not in use.

Pools and Spas

  • Use a solar blanket on your pool.

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