Power Outages and Frequently Asked Questions

Power Outage Information is now at your fingertips. View outages with our new Customer Outage Portal

InnPower is excited to introduce a new way to shed some light on the status of power outages. Our Customer Outage Portal is now available online, and it gives customers the ability to view power outages as they occur!

To Report an Outage call 705-431-4321. We also update Twitter @InnPower and Facebook InnPower Corporation

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The outage map below provides customers with the most up to date information on power outages within InnPower’s service territory. You can also view more detailed information on power outages by following the links below.

Check Current Outages on Outage Map

For information on current outages follow link Current Outages For information on past outages follow link Past Outage Information

Major Event days

Below are major event days that occurred since January 1, 2020 and filed with the Ontario Energy Board.

May 26, 2020 Lightening

November 15, 2020 Adverse Weather - Wind


  1. What causes a power outage?
  2. A power outage can happen due to multiple reasons, adverse weather is however the primary cause of a power outage.

    When lightning strikes or a tree branch falls on electric lines, the power goes out. Sometimes a car accident knocks out a power source leaving us without power for long periods of time. Wild life such as birds and squirrels may make contact with lines causing outages. Excavation can cause damage to underground cables resulting in power outages.

  3. How is power restored to customers?
  4. Every outage is treated like an emergency. No matter what the extent of the damage, our crews start working right away to get power back on. Power restoration activates are prioritized based on safety and number of customers effected i.e. Public safety is addressed first and then outages are responded to based, on the number of customers impacted.

    As the electrical distribution system spreads across 100's of kilometers our crews may not be visible on your street, even though they are working on an outage that impacts you. Visit https://esasafe.com/safety/storm-safety/restoring-power/ for more information on how power is restored.

  5. How information is available through the outage portal and how does it work?
  6. If you are able to access the Internet through a wireless device, or if you are located in an area unaffected by an outage, you can visit this site to retrieve information about outages. For each outage case, the map displays an icon within the outage area. Clicking on an icon causes the map to navigate to show the outage area in more detail. The extent of the outage is highlighted, and a ticket is displayed to show details such as the start time of the outage, the number of customers affected, and if known, the cause of the outage and estimated restoration time.

    The outage maps rely on information collected by Smart Meters, Customer Calls and InnPower’s Monitoring and Control system. While some information is processed automatically into the outage maps other information such as Smart Meter information and Customer Calls are processed manually. As InnPower’s control room is manned during business hours and/or during major outages; the outage map may not reflect the on-going outages outside of business hours.

    Although an outage may not be displayed on the map outside of business hours, our line-crew’s work diligently round the clock on restoring power as soon as an outage is reported by the customer.

  7. What can I do during a power outage?
  8. First, find out if the outage is just in your home, or in the whole neighborhood. If it's just your home:

    Turn off or disconnect all major appliances.

    Check the circuit breakers or fuse box. If the breakers have tripped off or fuses have blown, you may have overloaded the circuit. Reset the breaker or replace the fuse. If it trips off again, you will need to find the problem. If you are not sure what to do, call a qualified electrician for help.

    If the power is out in the neighborhood:

    Switch off and unplug larger appliances. This could prevent injury, fire or damage should a sudden power surge happen when power comes back on. Leave one light switch on so you know when the power comes back on. Keep a battery powered radio handy to get updates on what is happening. Keep your fridge and freezer doors closed as much as possible. Most food will keep from 24 to 48 hours.

    Never touch downed wires or low hanging wires. Telephone or cable television wires that touch a power line can be deadly. Stay at least 10 meters away from downed power lines and in an emergency call 911.

    Never try to make your own electrical repairs to InnPower equipment. Let our dedicated and highly trained crews do the work.

    Never pull tree limbs off power lines.

    Never walk into areas where crews are at work. If you are driving near work crews, obey road signs and proceed cautiously.

    Never use water on electrical equipment or wires. Use a dry chemical fire extinguisher.

    Never use a portable generator indoors, including inside a garage or other enclosed or partially closed area as it could cause Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

    Visit http://www.esasafe.com/consumers/storm-safety/before-a-storm for tips on how to prepare for a storm, what to do during a storm and after a storm.

  9. How can I report an outage or report downed power lines?
  10. To report a power outage please contact our customer service hotline at 705-431-4321, our phone lines are monitored 24/7. During an outage our phone lines will be busy. Please be patient. InnPower also manages outage information and updates on Twitter and Facebook and is one of the most effective ways to keep updated.

    In the event we lose power to our operation center, phones lines and outage map may be affected. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and InnPower's website for up to date information.

    Important to Remember!

    Ice storms, high winds or tree limbs can bring down power lines. Never assume that a wire is dead. Please call us at 705-431-4321 to tell us about the wires or report them to the police as soon as possible. If a power line falls on your car while you are in the car, stay inside until an emergency crew removes the line. If you have to get out, jump clear without touching the car and the ground at the same time. After jumping, keep your feet together and shuffle away until you are at least 10m away from the wire.

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