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Outages and Safety

Sept 4, 2018 Unplanned Outage - Innisfil Heights

Sep 04, 2018
8:00 am - 2:00 pm
An outage around 0745 AM today disrupted power supply to large number of customers in the Innisfil Heights/Industrial Park and surrounding area. The outage was caused by a broken (27 KV) conductor near 2283 Industrial Park Road. InnPower crews secured the area promptly and set out to restore the power to customers. The conductor broke due to material failure caused by salt spray from traffic on 400 highway adjacent to the power line. The outage also tripped the main transformer located at Bob Deugo Distribution Station.

Usually major interruptions/ failures at distribution stations are addressed by routing power to customers from other adjoining distribution stations. But to get alternate power supply to customers fed from Bob Deugo station the sole tie line along the Innisfil Beach Road is undergoing major renovation. The project for replacement of pole line to widen Innisfil Beach Road is underway and hence no options were available to quickly restore the power to affected customers.

In addition, the tripping of main transformer is considered a major fault and requires due diligence to be performed prior to restoration of power. Although the crews were able to splice and restore the broken conductor at Industrial Park quickly, the extraction and analysis of all error logs from the main transformer and associated switch-gear took longer than usual. It is to be appreciated that the error log file review takes a significant amount of time to scan through all the logs and make sense of the data.

Once the data was analysed and it was confirmed that transformer was safe to load, the crews performed the switching in quick time to restore the power to customers.

Thank you for your patience.

InnPower Staff