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Flickering Power- Alcona Area Update

Aug 10, 2018
3:00 pm
Flickering Power - Alcona

InnPower was aware of an ongoing flickering power issue in parts of the Alcona area. Crews repeatedly patrolled this area looking for faulty equipment and were unsuccessful until Aug 10, 2018. This was similar to looking for needle in a haystack. When equipment fails outright crews would then be able to fix the problem but unfortunately, this unknown device was partially failing\working, making it difficult to locate.

Over the past few weeks, crews have worked diligently to identify the issue. Through smart technology installed on the lines that flash red to identify a location downstream of the problem, crews were successful in identifying the failing switch gear.

Fortunately, InnPower's design enabled crews to reroute power and avoid using the failing switch gear until it could be replaced. This resolved the power quality issues in that area.

Ongoing efforts including tree trimming continue throughout the service territory to help maintain a safe a reliable distribution system.

A big thank you to all of our customers for your patience.

InnPower Team.


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