2019 UtilityPULSE Customer Satisfaction Survey

In 2019, InnPower Corporation partnered with UtilityPULSE to conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey. We would like to begin by thanking all customers who took time to participate in this survey. Receiving your feedback is critical for us to learn, grow and improve as a utility company, while also allowing us to serve our customers better. The survey helps profile the connection between InnPower and its customers, see where InnPower has improved, where room for future improvement exists, and the overall satisfaction levels of customers.

The survey was completed between August 19th – September 7th, 2019. UtilityPULSE agents contacted 2,607 households and small businesses within InnPower’s service territory. They completed 409 interviews, resulting in a response rate of 16%. The customers were chosen based on a random sample approach, with 85% being residential customers and 15% being commercial customers.

Survey Findings

Overall, InnPower received a majority of positive scores across the board. 86% of respondents agree strongly or somewhat that InnPower is trustworthy, with 85% finding that InnPower is credible. InnPower was favoured by respondents for many reasons including being respected within the community, keeping promises to customers, being customer focused, delivering on service commitments, providing consistent/reliable electricity, handling unplanned outages quickly, providing accurate billing, and more.

InnPower's 2019 Results Compared Nationally and Provincially

InnPower's 2019 Results Compared to InnPower's 2017 Results and Provincial Results

At InnPower, we believe that there is always room to learn and improve as we strive to offer the best service to our customers. Respondents from this survey were asked to provide suggestions on how InnPower could improve. Based on the customer feedback, the top suggestions include “Better Prices/Lower Rates”, “Better information on outages”, “Better reliability/less outages” and “Better communications”. Given these results, we are actively looking into ways to improve efficiencies to maintain lower costs, , improve infrastructure as needed to increase reliability, provide more timely information during outages and increase communication overall.

Suggestions for Improvement

Customer feedback is welcomed anytime through the year. Send us an e-mail at cs@innpower.ca, visit our website to provide feedback online at https://www.innpower.ca/reviews.php or call our customer service team at 705-431-4321.

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