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Stop Being Haunted by High Energy Bills This Halloween

Trick-or-Treat! This Halloween, learn how to keep your fellow trick-or-treaters safe and your home free from energy consuming creatures that are haunting your bill. Below you will find some simple tips and tricks to save money and stay safe this Halloween…

Scare Off Phantom Power

Phantom Power may be the ghost costing you the most in your home! Even when electronics are not in use, they can still draw power accounting for up to 10% of your electrical bill. Unplug electronics that are not being used and consider plugging devices into a power bar for easier shutoff and disconnect!

Light Up Your Home Safely

Make your home both spooky and safe this year! Ensure all decorations and electrical cords are kept out of the path of trick-or-treaters and are rated for outdoor use. Consider using glow sticks, LED or solar lights to keep the path visible for small children trick-or-treating in the dark! Glow sticks are also a great option for lighting up pumpkins, to avoid open flame of a candle.

Time to Turn The Lights Out

Trick-or-Treaters come and go all night long, so it’s important to keep the path lit but also conserve energy when no one is nearby. Save more energy on this spooky occasion with timers and auto shut-off for all your Halloween lights and inflatables. Set a time for when you would like everything to be powered off or get motion sensor lights with automatic shut-off, so nothing is left on when not in use.


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