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Take On Camping the Energy Efficient Way This Summer

Are you looking for ways you can reduce your energy usage while camping this summer? Below are a few different ways your family can save energy while RV camping this summer. 

Use Propane Stoves and Lanterns

If you want to save electricity, consider using propane camping stoves for cooking meals instead of the ones that may come equipped with your trailer/RV.* They are compact, powerful and will not use your power. You can also use propane lanterns for light sources to avoid leaving lights on in your vehicle or trailer.

*Safety Warning: Follow all manufacturers instructions and guidelines. Do not refill single-use propane cylinders. Do not use propane in poorly ventilated areas. Never store propane in an enclosed area and always ensure tank is upright, keep valves turned off when not in use and prepare to leave the area for any leaks.

Reduce The Amount of Electronic Devices

Try to limit the number of electronic devices you bring. These devices can draw a lot of power when charging. Instead, spend more time outside enjoying nature. Play some sports, read a book, have a beach day, or go for a hike! 

Fill Your Fridge

You can save energy just by making sure your fridge is full. The more food that is stored in the fridge, the less space there is for air to be cooled. By keeping your fridge stocked you can keep your food cold and reduce your energy consumption at the same time.

Use Solar Energy

Looking to make a major change? Consider switching to solar energy. You can install solar panels on your trailer/RV to take pressure off the battery and use solar power for any of your electrical needs.


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