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Registering with Customer | Connect as an existing ‘eCare’ User

Navigate to the new Customer | Connect website.

As a pre-existing eCare user, please ensure you register using the correct option. (see above)

When you have opted to register, the following prompt will pop up on your screen. Please type the middle 6 digits of your existing account number in the first box and the last 2 digits (separated by the ‘-‘) in the second box. Also ensure you enter the active PIN you currently use to login with eCare. Click ‘Register’.

The majority of your information will be pre-populated, including your existing email address (which has been removed in this screenshot for privacy reasons). Enter your choice of a username. Enter a new password and re-enter it to confirm it. Select a security question and enter the answer according to you. Electricity usage billed & bill due date will be automatically populated, nothing is required from you regarding this. Click ‘register’ when all sections have been completed.

The screen will navigate to the following (see below screenshot). Click on ‘login’ to re-direct yourself back to the Customer | Connect login page. The username and new password that were just chosen will now be required for future logins.

Linking Multiple Accounts:

Linking Multiple Accounts in Customer|Connect

Once you have registered and have logged in, please navigate to the following icon on the top right hand corner of

your screen. Under the ‘Account Information’ section, please click the following: "Link Account/Location"

You will be questioned on how you would like to link your other accounts. The fastest method is to allow the system to automatically link the accounts. All accounts associated with the same customer # will automatically pull in when the search is performed. To link an account that is not done so automatically, please use the ‘Link a specific account number option’ and enter the account number as requested.

When you have made a decision on how to link your other accounts, please click on ‘link’. Once you have linked accounts, a new icon will appear beside the ‘my account’ icon. This new icon will allow you to switch between accounts at your leisure.