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The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) will hold a public hearing to consider Innisfil Hydro’s request. We will determine whether Innisfil Hydro has used the applicable models and formulas as required by the OEB. At the end of this hearing, the OEB will decide on the appropriate rate changes.

The OEB is an independent and impartial public agency. We make decisions that serve the public interest. Our goal is to promote a financially viable and efficient energy sector that provides you with reliable energy services at a reasonable cost.


You have the right to information regarding this application and to be involved in the process. You can:

  • review Innisfil Hydro’s application on the OEB’s website now;
  • sign up to observe the proceeding by receiving OEB documents related to the hearing;
  • at the end of the process, review the OEB’s decision and its reasons on our website.

    If you want to become an active participant (called an intervenor) in this proceeding, you must apply for intervenor status to the OEB no later than 10 calendar days after the publication or service date of this notice, or the hearing will go ahead without you, and you will not receive any further notice of the proceeding. If you do not wish to become an intervenor but wish to give your opinion on the proceeding to the Board members hearing the application, you are invited to file a letter with your comments, which will be considered during the hearing. The OEB does not intend to award costs in this proceeding as Innisfil Hydro has only made proposals of a mechanistic nature within the OEB’s guidelines.


    These proposed charges relate to Innisfil Hydro’s distribution services. They make up part of the Delivery line -- one of the five line items on your bill. Our file number for this case is EB-2013-0144. To learn more about this hearing, find instructions on how to file letters or become an intervenor, or to access any document related to this case please enter that file number at the OEB website:

    You can also phone our Consumer Relations Centre at 1-877-632- 2727 with any questions.

    PRIVACY If you write a letter of comment or sign up to observe the hearing, your name and the content of your letter or the documents you file with the OEB will be put on the public record and the OEB website. However, your personal telephone number, home address and email address will be removed. If you are a business, all your information will remain public. If you apply to become an intervenor, all information will be public. This rate hearing will be held under section 78 of the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, S.O. 1998 c.15 (Schedule B).


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