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News Release

Tremendous Growth

Innisfil Hydro is undergoing tremendous growth, according to President and CEO George Shaparew. Long range planning identifies that Innisfil Hydro will grow more than 240% by the year 2031. Not only is the Town of Innisfil’s population slated to grow from 34,000 to 56,000, but South Barrie is proposed to grow by 39,000 over the same period. All of this growth is in addition to the Friday Harbour development, along with the strategic employment lands adjacent to the Highway 400 corridor.

Our obligation under provincial legislation is to prepare for growth in a timely manner. We are required to connect our customers within specified regulated timeframes. Electrical infrastructure is capital intensive and requires years of planning, engineering and construction lead time. It is mandatory to invest and meet customer and regulatory requirements.

In keeping with our long range planning, we are well underway with the construction of our new Operations and Administration Centre at 7251 Yonge Street (south of Innisfil Beach Road). The new facility will consolidate our resources under a single roof. Currently at the Commerce Park site, Innisfil Hydro staff are scattered throughout three former model homes and two former school portables. In addition, the Commerce Park site has a number of other site limitations including customer accessibility and safety which necessitated our re-location.

The new site will allow us to work in cooperation with our municipal colleagues (operations - roads and parks) through the sharing of certain infrastructure services, fueling services, fleet and maintenance amongst other similar opportunities. The anticipation of cost savings both current and future is well in excess of $1M.

Since its inception, the new facility was designed to meet the requirements of LEED certification through the Canadian Green Building Council. The building footprint takes into consideration the growth demands for our respective communities.

Although Shaparew notes that the $12M investment in the new facility is for the future, prudent planning principles validate the necessary investment and enable us to be prepared for the future.

An Open House is being planned following our move.

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