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InnPower’s Guide to Safe Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is an essential step when preparing for the nice weather! InnPower is here to provide you with the safety information you need to properly clean and upgrade your household this Spring…

Locate Power Lines Before You Work

Our InnPower crews work hard to ensure safe electrical systems and equipment for our community. We encourage our customers to be aware of overhead or underground power lines when doing any yard work or home maintenance. If you come across a downed power line or any sort of damaged electrical equipment, stay clear and call 911 immediately.

Hire a Licensed Electrician

By hiring a licensed electrician for your home electrical upgrades and emergencies, you are following the law and making the safe choice.

Here are just a few reasons why you should hire a licensed electrician…

  • Keep your yourself, your family, and your home safe – electrical work can be dangerous and must be done by a licensed electrical contractor. Your electrical work will be done safely and will meet any codes or standards within your community, this way you and your family are not put at risk!
  • Expertise and Skills – Licensed electricians have the certified skills and expertise to perform all required electrical work inside and outside your home. Qualified electricians will ensure your safety and provide their education and skill sets for whatever your needs are.
  • It’s the Law – In Ontario licensed electrical contractors are required to provide references and permit from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). After the work is completed, the ESA will review it and ensure everything is up to code. Not to mention licensed contractors in Ontario have the benefit of insurance protection and must have WSIB. Therefore, you wouldn’t be held financially accountable if an accident or damage occurred while work was being performed.

Carry Carefully

Staying safe while cleaning and performing maintenance includes carrying ladders and other tall equipment horizontally. This ensures you do not hit any electrical hazards above, below, or around you. Trained electricians promote safety by performing safe electrical practices while at work and encourage customers to work safely when doing projects in or around your home.

Vegetation Management

At InnPower we take our tree trimming initiatives very seriously with our annual vegetation management system. Every year InnPower partners with the Town of Innisfil alongside qualified contractors to perform line clearing operations. We care about your safety and not only do trees around power lines cause unsafe conditions, but also power outages or interruptions. Keep this in mind while doing your spring cleaning this season, be sure to leave the pruning around lines to the professionals and report a tree hazard or issue if you come across one.

Click Here to Report a Tree Issue/Hazard

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Let’s all do our part to enjoy it safely.


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