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Holiday Home Energy-Saving Tips

The holidays are a time for giving and celebrating what we have! Give back this holiday by finding energy efficient ways to entertain and cook. Check out these helpful tips to make great food and fun, all while saving energy!

Preparation Is Key

Are you hosting Christmas dinner this year? Remember to prepare side dishes to cook simultaneously at the same temperature alongside the main course. This will make for a shorter cooking time and less energy being consumed overall. Also, before you start cooking, lower your thermostat a few degrees as the oven will heat your house!

Entertain Efficiently

This season, entertain and eat in a space with natural light. Try to reduce the use of unnecessary light sources. If you’re thinking of brightening up the space for games and activities for the evening, use LED's for optimum energy usage. Keep other electronics unplugged if they are not in use and be sure to keep cords and cables out of the way so your guests can enjoy the food and fun safely.

Clean Up Time

When it’s time to clean up, skip hand-washing the dishes and take advantage of your dishwasher! It not only saves you time, but also conserves more water and energy overall! Wait until you have a full load to put on and if you’d like to save even more, open the dishwasher before the heated dry cycle, so they can air dry and be put away for your next big dinner plans.

Consider saving some more energy this holiday season! Help yourself save on your electrical bill and enjoy time with friends and family.


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