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Dig Safely this Summer

Protect yourself and your home this summer! If you are planning any outdoor projects, make sure you click or call before you dig!

Click or Call Before You Dig

Never assume it is safe to dig, utility lines can be located right below the surface of your lawn. Make sure you click or call Ontario One Call at least five days before you plan to dig. Ontario One Call will notify buried infrastructure owners that you plan to dig and will request for underground infrastructure to be located.

Cable Locates

Before you dig, you must wait for all underground infrastructure to be located. Once Ontario One Call has been notified, reps from each underground buried infrastructure owner will come out to mark the location of buried underground lines and cables on your property. They will mark the area and provide a summary of the locate results with you so that you can dig safely.

Dig Safely

After locates are complete, you should take caution and follow any instructions provided by the cable locaters or other utility representatives. Make sure you are digging at least one meter away from any markers. No matter how big or small of a hole you’re digging, always follow protocols and dig safely!

Damaging underground infrastructure is dangerous. Hitting wires, pipes or cables can cause serious injuries and carry hefty financial consequences. For projects big and small, click or call before you dig. It’s Free. It’s Easy. It’s the Law! 

Always click or call 1 800-400-2255 – Ontario One Call, before you dig!

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Offices will be closed on Monday in observation of Victoria Day.