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Back to School Energy Saving Tips

Summer is almost over back to school season is here! We've put together some simple, energy saving tips to help you conserve energy and save on your electricity bill! 

1. Charge Electronics Overnight

Charging electronics to a full charge overnight can help customers on a Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing plan save significantly on power bills. By limiting charging to between 7p.m and 7a.m., you can take advantage of the off-peak energy rates.

Additionally, charging your devices using a power bar means you can turn the whole power bar off once everything is done charging in the morning, avoiding phantom power! Make sure to unplug devices not in use. 

2. Use the Fridge Wisely

Back to school calls for weekly lunches and more groceries. To conserve energy and save time, take out all the ingredients you need at once when prepping meals. This prevents you from opening the fridge often, keeping the cold air in.

3. Laundry Made Easy

With school, comes more laundry! To save energy and limit the number of loads needed, make sure to only wash full loads and use cold water. Avoid using the dryer and hang clothes outside when possible, or using an indoor drying rack.

4. Choose the Right Lighting

Be smart about your study space! Consider setting up your workspace in front of a window or somewhere with natural lighting!

Keep blinds and drapes open through the daytime to let the light shine through, allowing you to work and study without powering on the lights.

5. Use MyAccount, InnPower's Customer Portal, to Monitor Energy Usage

Tracking your energy use can be a simple way to understand your household's energy usage. Sign up or login to your MyAccount portal to view your daily usage, compare pricing plans, and find more tools that can help you keep your energy costs low.

Following these easy, energy-saving guidelines, will not only help you save energy, but also help with a better, greener, back-to-school routine!


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