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Rate Plan Comparison Online Portal

InnPower is pleased to provide an online rate comparison tool to help customers analyze their data and make informed decisions regarding their choice of rate plans. This online portal also allows customers to submit an online rate plan change with a few clicks.

NOTE: You must have an active account with InnPower to use this comparison tool. If you are a new customer, please complete and send in a Regulated Price Plan Election Form to Customer Service.

To use the portal you will need your account number from your bill and make note in the image below the portion of your account number required to log into the portal as well as the name must match as it appears on your bill. A how to video has been developed to help guide you through the process (see below).

Important Information:
  • The online tool will compare your actual historical data available to TOU, TIERED and Retailer Contract Pricing.
  • You can use calendars to select up to a maximum of 90 days of historical usage at one time.
  • You can choose historical or current pricing in your comparisons.
  • If you choose to switch, you cannot make another request or change your initial request for 48 hours.

Our customer service team is available to assist at (705) 431-4321 or