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Understanding Your Bill

We are excited to announce the launch of our new bill! Designed with feedback from customers in mind, the new bill is simple and easier to understand; allowing you to find the important information you need most.

What’s new on your InnPower Bill?

  • The Essentials - View your balance owing, account details, the due date and more at the top of your statement. Your most important information all in one place.
  • Current Charges - a NEW section that allows you to quickly see a summary of the different service charges on your current bill.
  • Usage Graphs - An easier way to analyze and compare your electricity and/or water usage.
  • QR Codes - A convenient way to access InnPower’s Online Customer Portal, social media, and InnService’s social media!
  • Coloured e-Bills - Customers enrolled in e-billing will now be able to see their bills in colour!

As an added benefit, the new bill reduces operating costs while improving the customer experience!

To help our customers understand their monthly bill, we have put together a graphic explaining the various components.


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Offices will be closed on Monday in observation of Victoria Day.