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Conflict/Dispute Resolution

Do you have an unresolved concern or complaint? We're here to help.

STEP 1: Contact Our Customer Service Team

Our goal is to resolve all of your concerns or complaints the first time you contact us. Your first contact should be to our Customer Service team. Our representatives are knowledgeable and trained to assist you with your concerns or complaints.

Contact Customer Service:

  • Phone - (705) 431-4321
  • Email - 

Please note: Our phones and email are only actively monitored during business hours from Monday to Friday. Any calls or emails received outside of business hours will be addressed by our Customer Service team on the next business day. 

STEP 2: Speak to a Manager

If you feel that your concerns or complaints have not been adequately resolved, one of our Customer Service Representatives will direct you to a manager. If a manager is not immediately available, they will follow up and contact you to address your concerns or complaints within two business days.

STEP 3: Escalate to an Executive

If you remain unsatisfied after speaking with a manager, you can escalate your concerns or complaints to an executive. This must be done after steps 1 and 2 have been completed and must be done in writing. The written notice can be sent to our InnPower office at 7251 Yonge Street, Innisfil, ON, L9S 0J3. Please address the written notice with ATTN: Dispute Resolution.

10-Day Commitment: All concerns or complaints that are escalated to our executive team will be addressed within 10 business days of receiving the written notice.

Ontario Energy Board

At any time you have the option to contact the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). The OEB regulates all aspects of InnPower's distribution services, including rates.

To contact the Ontario Energy Board, visit:


Offices closed Monday, May 20, 2024

Offices will be closed on Monday in observation of Victoria Day.