About Us

InnPower, legally named InnPower Corporation, is derived from the hydro system that served the Village of Cookstown since 1917. The Village of Cookstown amalgamated with the Township of Innisfil in 1991, and later that year Council passed a by-law which expanded the hydro service area of the Commission, named The Hydro-Electric Commission of the Corporation of the Town of Innisfil, to the new municipal boundries of the Town of Innisfil. On July 1, 1993 when the expansion became effective, the Commission increased its number of customers from approximately 560 to over 11,200. Effective November 1st, 2000, Innisfil Hydro became a corporation, with a Board of Directors responsible to the shareholder, the Town of Innisfil.

A staff of 51 administer the day-to-day operations of the electrical distribution system.

We look after the distribution, "wires", business in the Town of Innisfil & South Barrie, which distributes electricity to the homes, businesses and industries. Our customers' electricity meters are read monthly. Under the former commission electricity rates were reduced six times following the service area expansion.

We operate ten substations, each with an incoming voltage of 44,000 volts. There are over 525 kilometres of high voltage lines under the company's jurisdiction, covering the 290 square kilometre service area.

"Our Companies shall provide safe, reliable and competitively priced electricity distribution, products and services for our customers." - Our Mission

Board of Directors

George Shaparew
Jason Reynar
CAO Town of Innisfil
Lynn Dollin
Mayor, Town of Innisfil
Robert Lake

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