President's Message

Welcome to! On behalf of the 51 local energy experts on our team, we are pleased to serve you.

InnPower is one of the fastest growing electrical utilities in Ontario. Over the past two years, we have added over 1300 new customers and invested approximately $9M in new electricity infrastructure in our community. We are proud of this investment, as we know it will prepare us for future development and allow our 19,000 customers to live and work in the community they love.

InnPower is an integral part of our community. Owed by the Town of Innisfil, our history began with the hydro system that served the village of Cookstown starting 1917. Since that time, we have evolved with our community to become a dynamic and leading utility that is recognized for its ability to serve a rural and growing community. Thanks to our hard-working staff and strong business management, since 2001 InnPower has generated over $6.1M in revenue for the Town.

Today were on a journey of reinvestment putting time and money in the energy systems our community needs for economic growth and maintain the South Simcoe lifestyle we enjoy so much. Our Distribution System plan and detailed InnPower Master Plan are the road map for our continued investment in an energy system that works both today and tomorrow.

The Ontario energy sector is changing fast and we are changing with it. In recent years we have evolved in how we work with developers, how we listen to community needs and how we prioritize our spending to maximize economic growth of our community. Through all these changes, we are focused on delivering safe, reliable and consistent local power to our primarily rural residential customer base. Local hydro utilities work with their communities to drive local economic development, and promote better value and service for our customers. Local utilities know their community’s needs best and are the perfect partner to help drive positive changes.

We are here to answer your questions. Contact us about the role we play in our community, explain energy rates and help you save on your energy costs. If you cannot find the info you are looking for on this site, please feel free to give us a call at 705.431.4321. Our team of local energy experts are here to answer your questions.

With many regards,

George Shaparew, Interim President & CEO

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